Mobile Personal Emergency Response System (MPERS)

  • Automatic monitoring health data and vital signs with assessments, classifications and classifications and corresponding services more than 100 times a day. Intelligent sampling rate adjustments.

  • Real-time fall detection

  • Anti-wander and electronic-fence

  • Manual SOS operation

  • 30-second response if any of the above occurs with message: *Condition of the occurrence, *Time Stamp, *Real-time dynamic location

  • 2-way voice

  • 24x7 Angel Service (Monitor)

  • Regularity, quality, and length of sleep

  • Regularity, intensity, and quantity of exercise

  • Vital Signs: SPO2, Heart Rate, Breathing Rate, Skin Temperature, Skin Conductivity, ECG

  • Positioning Mechanism: GPS/AGPS, Cell Tower, WIFI, Bluetooth

  • Communication: 3G, WIFI, Bluetooth

  • Pedometer

  • Time (calibrated daily with accuracy <1 second)

  • Battery Life: 7 Days

  • Vibration Notification

  • Dimension: Diameter 42mm, Thickness 17mm

  • Weight <50g

  • IP67 Water-proof

  • APP with MRAS (Mass Rescue Assistant Systems), mPERS (mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems) and mPHMS (mobile Personal Health Management Systems)

  • E-Health Record stored permanently, personal account web access

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